Are Your Golf Lessons Working?

Are Your Golf Lessons Working?

Ours will. It's a mathematical FACT! If you are looking to really improve your game we offer the best video golf lessons and instruction available on the internet today. Don't forget to check out the Free Golf Lessons "ABOVE" because once you do; you will plainly see that we know more than most when it comes to helping you get the best results for your entire golf game.

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Are Your Golf Lessons and Video Golf Instruction Giving You The Best Information?

At Golf Lesson Academy we deliver the best golf lessons and online video golf instruction on the planet today. When you view our video golf instruction in our members area you will quickly come to realize that we know a little more than the norm when it comes to the golf instruction.

Our golf lessons provide you with a complete mathematical solution that will allow you to experience the best video golf instruction you have ever seen in your life. Become the best golfer you can be and make sure to get involved with us today!

When you understand the why’s and how’s of our video golf lessons is when you will be able to have total command of your golf swing. Unlike other golf coaches or courses out there, we provide you with a geometrical blueprint, that with out fail, will take your learning to an entirely different level. We are the only one’s in the world using our patent pending technology at this time and we are confident you will appreciate us for sharing it with you. Get ready to experience the ultimate secret that has been right in front of you for years! For the first time in the history of mankind we have mapped out the entire blueprint of the golf swing. Because of this you will be able to see the real planes of the golf swing and you will finally realize that playing golf like a PGA Tour player is well within your reach, when you follow the simple guidance of our video golf lessons and instruction.

Are You Looking For The Best Video Golf Lessons Available Today? Learn from the best.

Need to find the best golf tips out there, well you are in the right place. Make sure you visit our Video Golf Lessons from around the internet to help you stay current on the learning that is available surrounding golf lessons and other aspects of golf. While visiting this aspect of our site you will be able to view what is available on the net and decide for yourself where the best video golf instruction is at that produces results, we are sure you will agree that the best results in learning are right here at Golf Lesson Academy.

If your golf lessons are not progressing in the right direction than you need to be confident that where you are getting your video golf lessons improvement information is the best it can possibly be. Here at Golf Lesson Academy you can rest assured that you will always be receiving the best video golf lessons, information and video golf instruction available anywhere. We encourage your participation on our Golf Lesson Academy blog and other areas of our site as this is one of many ways we will interact with you and all of our members, so make sure to write your comments and questions as we are always working to provide you with the best learning platform available covering video golf lessons any where in the world.

As a company of golf instructors we understand instruction and what it takes to get world class results. We have over 25 plus years of experience in providing golf instruction and we have students in over 95 different countries throughout the world. So remember, Golf Lesson Academy is your source to real improvement because we provide the absolute best video golf instruction for golf lessons on the net.


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Expect More From Your Online Video Golf Lessons; Our Video Golf Lessons Are Your Answer to Better Golf!

Our Video Golf Lessons, Instruction, Experience, Training and Guidance Are All You Will Ever Need To Improve!

Unlock The Secrets

If you are looking for the best way to improve; you have come to the right place. Our video golf lessons are the best you will find on the internet. Our video instruction will unlock the secrets to the golf swing that you have been looking for. Our video golf instruction raises the bar in that we use a geometrical blueprint to communicate to our students how and why certain positions must be maintained and achieved during the time frame of the golf swing. This is the most revolutionary and ground breaking approach to mastering the golf swing you could ever experience on the internet or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

Most golfers out there really want to improve their performance and all around experience on the golf course but do not have a clearly defined plan of action to help them accomplish their goals with the current information and instruction that is on the market today. The truth is that most golfers are just taking in old instruction that has been passed down from one generation to another over the years. Nothing wrong with this, but this is not the most efficient way to get the results you are looking for or a real way to find the results you desire when looking for golf instruction.

Our video golf lessons and instruction are your answer. Our online video golf coaching provides you with an advantage to learning in an entirely different way that will make more logical sense than anything you have experienced before. Visit A Break Down of the Game of Golf and you will discover why we are so passionate about our instruction. In our opinion golf is the greatest game ever invented and we are here to help you improve by providing the best instruction possible.

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Back Swing

Learn The Back Swing

Our online golf lessons provide you with the absolute best solutions for improving your Back Swing. In this video golf instruction series you will learn the secrets, myths and getting the golf club to the top of your Back Swing correctly. We will guarantee you that you will not find this information anywhere else on the internet. We are not just saying this to try and sell you our information it is just a simple fact. We are the only golf instructors online that are using a geometrical model to teach with during our video golf lessons. If you are looking for the best way to improve you Back Swing than our “Golf Instruction – The Back Swing”, is your solution! No hype or gimmicks here, just the most fundamentally sound information surrounding the back swing you will ever experience. If you need a little more convincing check out our article on Golf Swing Tips. Our online lessons and video instruction will allow you to find your unlimited potential. We do not say this lightly, but only as a matter of fact. Our videos are a step ahead of our competition and will leave you wondering why you have not found our information before now. Lucky for you; you have and this is just the beginning. Keep reading below to uncover more of what is in store for you while you are here at Golf Lesson Academy.


Down Swing

Learn The Down Swing

When you discover the time tested move of how to start your Down Swing correctly is when your golf lessons will go to the next level. These golf lessons will allow you to dispel the myths of the Down Swing and they will help you understand the exact nature of what needs to happen and why. In these instructional video lessons you will build a systematic approach that will allow you to understand the Down Swing like never before. Most golfers understand they really can do better than what they are currently doing, however most have no idea of how to improve and put it all together. Our golf lessons instructional blueprint covering the Down Swing will do just that; we provide you with the most fundamentally sound approach to understand the Down Swing once and for all. If you would like to get a great understanding of how to Start The Down Swing Click Here. Our online golf lessons will provide you with the instruction you need to become the best golfer you could possibly imagine, whether the PGA Tour is your goal or just beating your weekend foursome our understanding of how and why it all works is second to none and our instruction will provide you with the competitive edge you have been looking for making learning our techniques a very simple process. When viewing our Video Lessons covering the Down Swing you will understand and gain absolute control over the lever system of your body and you will learn what it is to have a world class golf swing. The really exciting part is this is only the second module of our training system. Keep reading below to discover the other great golf lessons we offer below and get ready to start learning how to play the best golf of your life.


Bio Mechanical Learning

Learn Bio Mechanical Training

In these Video Golf Lessons you will quickly come to realize why Golf Lesson Academy is the leader in the Online Golf Instruction Department. If you are looking for the most efficient way to learn this is it! Where others fail to give you an outlined plan of action we succeed in bringing a total bio mechanical learning technique into the equation. By following the drills in these Video Golf Lessons you will be learning and training like an Olympic athlete, right in the comfort of your own home. These easy to follow step by step drills and instruction is what sets us apart when it comes to getting you more power and accuracy. Never before has there been such a systematic approach to video golf lessons online that will catapult your learning experience quickly and efficiently; with our Bio Mechanical training series you will get the results you have been looking for. In order for you to get a complete and better understanding of the basics of the golf swing and our video golf lessons you can read this article Golf Swing Basics – Part One and you will start to understand and learn the magnitude of what we are talking about and teaching, thus letting you know the information we are providing to you is a little different than most other golf instructors. When you train the body bio mechanically is when you start to gain control of your golf swing in ways you never thought possible. If you want to play the best golf of your life and experience what it is like to have a geometrically optimized golf swing then you owe it to yourself, if you really want to improve, to watch these video golf lessons and instruction.


Levers and More

Learn Your Lever System

These video golf lessons will teach you how to gain control of the lever system of your body. There are twelve and you will master them all with this instructional module. When you learn how they all interact around and with your center of mass is when you will have total control over your lever system of the human body. Never before has there been such an opportunity for success offered by any golf instruction. Now for the first time we offer the ultimate solution! After viewing our video golf lessons covering “Levers and More”, you will have the power to execute any shot at will and become a master shot maker on the golf course. You will learn how to control your levers, one at a time and independently from one another, thus, allowing you to take your game to the highest level of human performance. Age, size or gender does not matter when you master these principles; Levers do not know the difference! And when you learn to use them correctly you will wonder why these teaching methods have not been exposed before. The exciting part is that through the use of our cubic models we have uncovered a step by step approach to learning exactly how the lever system of the human body works and why. If you are looking to add more yards to your drive we have you covered. If it is accuracy you are trying to gain than you are in the right place. Our video lessons are like no other and you will discover the true power that knowledge provides. Get ready to experience and learn what it is like to hit shots at will and have an arsenal of weapons and tools you can go to time and time again on the golf course.

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Spencer Brizentine

Client testimonial

” I worked with Chris for a little over a month and I am playing the best golf of my life. In June of 2011 I shot my first 69 and know and believe that I can really go as low as I want to. I am now hitting it around 280 – 290 yards off the tee and getting longer every day. My senior year is going to be great. Thanks Chris for your instruction! “
Spencer Brizentine, Hagherty High School Boys Golf Team.
Hagerty High School

Shaughn McCormick

Client testimonial

” I just started practicing in the cube a couple of weeks ago and the results have been unbelievable. I am hitting more greens and my scores are starting to improve. I still have a way to go, however with the instruction of the guys at “GLA” I know I will reach my goals. They are the smartest guys in the world when it comes to the golf swing and short game techniques! “
Shaughn McCormick, UCF Student
University Central Florida

Johnny Ellis

Client testimonial

” I started working with Chris a little over a year ago and the results have been amazing. From being around par to now being under par consistently is great and I have learned a lot. I shot my first 62 ever with him in my corner and his instruction. I now know what I need to do to accomplish my goals of playing on the PGA TOUR. “
Johnny Ellis, Oklahoma Christian University Golf Team
Oklahoma Christain University Golf Team

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I understand the price I will be paying today is just $124.95 For A Limited Time. And that I will be able to have immediate access to the Full Swing Instructional training videos.

I understand that I will be receiving unlimited, lifetime access to The Golf Lesson Academy Full Swing Library Video Golf Lessons. I understand I can watch the online video golf lessons as much as I want, whenever I want, forever.

I understand that after making my payment I will instantly receive login information giving me immediate access to all the training and video golf instruction (IMPORTANT: be sure to white list email from “”).

I understand this is online, 100% web video based training and that I will access all of the video training online via the internet and that nothing will be sent to me in the mail.

All of our video golf lessons are view-able in HD format and ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON ALL MOBILE DEVICES. All mobile devices must support a minimum screen resolution of 640X360. Iphone, Ipad, Android and Tablet devices are supported. We are dedicated to bringing you the best in online video golf lessons,and instruction available on the internet today!


Short Game Mastery Bonus
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Learn Chipping

Our chipping short game video golf lessons will teach you how to chip for score. When we chip we honestly believe we are going to put the ball in the hole and you will learn how to do this too. You may be asking yourself, “How is that possible”. When you learn how to chip with your body instead of the way that has been taught for years is when you will finally turn the corner and start lowering your scores. The secret to shooting good scores is having the ability to get up and down from anywhere and you will learn how to do this. This is what makes a PGA Tour player so good. They believe when they hit an errand shot that they will be able to get it up and down to save par. This is the one area that most all other players struggle with and why our method so desperately needs to be learned. Chipping is the main reason most golfer’s scores do not improve. However with our chipping video lessons we have this area covered for you. You will have the tools you need to learn how to become a chipping machine and you will start to see your scores go down. With this instructional series you will finally have the advantage you have been looking for on the golf course. Whether you are playing competitively or with your weekend foursome you will learn just how easy this aspect of the game really is. Our proven techniques along with our drills are the answer you have been looking for and we are glad to deliver this information to you. For once and for all you will have total command and be in absolute control of this aspect of your game just from learning our methods.


Learn Putting

For many golfers putting is one of the major reasons why most golfers put up big numbers on their score cards. However, that is all about to change for you with these world class videos. Our video lessons on putting will change the way you go about your putting and you will start to learn, in a very short amount of time that certain things must take place when you are making this motion. Most golf instructors leave out some basic fundamentals that need to take place to become a really good putter and have a world class motion, NOT US! When you learn the importance of having your eyes directly over the golf ball when you set up and how to get your body set up square and parallel to the golf ball is when great things are going to happen. We understand this and it is why we have gone to such great lengths in these online video lessons. We help you learn how to do these things and a whole lot more. Once you learn how to set up correctly we then dive right into how to make the proper putting motion and why. We leave no area or stone uncovered and take a step by step approach so that you can learn the material at your own pace. These online golf lessons will teach you how to practice correctly and help you understand why we putt for safety. We have developed a simple, easy to follow, systematic approach to allow you to become a world class putter. Most golf teachings will tell you that it takes years and years of practice to make this happen, however if you follow our drills and direction than you are going to get serious results in just a couple of weeks. If you really want to learn how to improve your putting than this collection of videos is a must have for any golfer.

Sand Bunkers

Learn Sand Bunkers

These video lessons will help you get out of the sand traps with ease. Learn some simple to follow principles that will have you hitting bunker shots just as good, if not better than the PGA Touring Pros. Most people have a hard time learning what really needs to take place when hitting bunker shots, however when you are armed with the correct information getting up and down out of the bunker is a piece of cake. You can rest assured you will learn the correct technique when it comes to this aspect of the game . You will feel like this is just as simple as walking after viewing our material. Once you learn what you are supposed to be doing and how to accomplish it, is when your execution of bunker shots goes to the next level. Our techniques and instruction will provide you with the solutions you need to get up and down out of the sand once and for all. Don’t get stuck in the beach any longer! Let us help you improve this aspect of your game so you can start shooting the scores you deserve. The quickest way to take strokes off your game is to improve your short game and with this extra bonus we are going to make sure you learn how to do it.

Green Reading

Learn Green Reading

Reading the greens correctly is one of the single most import things you could do to improve your score on the golf course. It is really simple to understand if you think about it. If you know what the path of the ball is going to be and why, all you have left to do is make your stroke or motion if you will. These golf instruction videos will provide you with a solid and systematic approach to start shooting lower scores. Most golfers leave putts on the amateur side of the hole and nine out of ten times this is simply because of the lack of understanding of what is actually going to take place and why. In these lessons you will learn why this area of your game is so important and why you must master it to become a really great golfer and start playing the best golf of your life. This extra bonus will provide you with a complete understanding and a routine that if you follow it correctly, we are positive, will take several stokes off you next round of golf. That’s right, your next round of golf! We know you might think this is a bold statement to make but that is how confident we are in the information we are providing. If you are looking for a sure fire way to lower your scores instantly than this is a must have for you. Our Green Reading golf lesson bonus will prove to be one of the most valuable pieces of information you could ever come in possession of. This golf lesson bonus will prove to be the difference maker and it will arm you with the correct information on the greens no matter what golf course you are playing, and the extremely nice part about it is that it will work on any putting surface and at any golf course location in the world.

Short Game Shots

Learn Short Game Shots

Most golfers will tell you one of the hardest shots in golf is the shot of about 60 yards from the pin. It requires a lot of skill and feel to be able to hit this shot effectively. However this mind set will quickly become a thing of the past and you will master any shot from 100 yards and in. These golf lesson videos will teach you why you should use certain golf clubs in certain situations. What needs to be realized is there are 14 golf clubs in your golf bag and every time you go to hit a shot there is a perfect one for the situation at hand. We teach you what to understand and why about the club selection process and then we show you how to execute the shot. It really is a simple concept and system if you follow our direction to the tee. You will start playing the best golf of your life and you will start shooting lower scores. We can say this with absolute certainty in that it is a mathematical fact you will start to improve. Because of the exact precision and nature of our tutelage you will be playing the best golf of your life and enjoying the game a heck of a lot more. Let us teach you our techniques and you will discover just how easy the game of golf really is. When you master these shots you will have so many weapons you can go to on the golf course that you literally feel as though you are a surgeon that is about to dissect the golf course how ever you may choose. Again, you might be thinking, another bold statement. You are right, it is! This is just how good our information is. When you are armed with the right tools, right information and the right techniques there is nothing in this world you can not accomplish, the same applies here. Get ready to score at will and have the time of your life on the golf course as this extra bonus will have you scoring better and playing the best golf of your life.


Start experiencing the best golf of your life and start playing to your true potential with the best golf lessons online!!!

Greatness isn't born; it's achieved through a superior act of diligent commitment and the pure determination to succeed. Our business is located at 9816 Lake Georgia Drive, Orlando Florida and our Phone # (407) 391-4154 call us if needed.

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