About Us

A little about our journey.

Golf Lesson Academy was created to show you the true essence of how the golf swing should be performed. We have been researching the golf swing in one form or another for greater than 15 years now. We, like so many other golfers, were frustrated by the lack of a real true model that could be followed to allow maximum performance to be achieved while swinging the golf club. A model that if followed correctly would produce the same results over and over again, without fail. In our search, we were unable to find such a tool that would allow us to see and understand all things necessary to accomplish our goals and this frustrated us even more.

Were we asking the unattainable question? Were we crazy to think such a thing could truly exist? Should we just give up? Well, it is a good thing we did not answer those questions directly ourselves as we would have come up short of reaching our goals and we would not have the knowledge and understanding of the things we do today. It’s not every day that you are handed the Holy Grail to how all things work, and it’s not often that when you are handed it, that you actually know what to do with it.

Let me explain. Once it found us we were a little overwhelmed by its possibilities. Would it be to much for people to understand? Could we present it in such a way that would make logical sense? How would we go about disseminating all of its information? These were real problems we had to evaluate and find solutions to. We quickly gathered our team, plotted a course and started to develop a strategy that would allow golfers everywhere to benefit from our discovery.

So for over two years, Golf Lesson Academy was designed, developed, tested and tested some more as a real solution to provide you with a true model of how the golf swing works and why. The end result is a very unique golf lesson video platform that provides so much more functionality and understanding of the golf swing than any other golf lesson website in the world.

Golf Lesson Academy.com Is Your Number One Source For The Best Video Golf Instruction Available On The Internet Today!

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