Drive it 300 Yards

Drive It 300 Yards

Drive it 300 yards

Drive it 300 yards you might be asking yourself? How can I drive it 300 yards when I am no where close to that with my yardages right now.  It is really simple if you think about it.  You must learn how to use the power of your body to make this happen.  The only way to increase distance in golf is to increase your club-head speed.

However most amateurs go about this the totally wrong way.  Most of them try to make their hands and arms move faster and this is actually counter productive and will not help when focused on this aspect alone.  To make matters worse most golfers’ believe they are not flexible enough to get the proper shoulder turn and hip movement necessary to hit the ball further.

If you really want to buy into those false beliefs than please visit the Golf Channel Instruction as I am sure they can keep you just as confused as you are already.  But if you want to know what it really takes to drive it 300 yards than just keep reading.  Our first suggestion would be to check out our Free Living Room Golf Lessons Series where you will learn the differences in how the modern golf swing is taught and the way that we teach here at Golf Lesson Academy.  After viewing the entire Series you will be well on your way to understanding the missing ingredients you have been looking for to finally start achieving the distance you have been looking for.

Drive it 300 yards video below

Remember, while watching the videos make sure to pay attention to what is being explained within the hip area and what is happening in the lower body at all times.  The only way to drive it 300 yards is by having all things in the body working the way they naturally should.  And the videos recommended above are truly the best and easiest to understand when it comes to how the swing should be preformed.

If you are more into reading great stuff then go here Power in Golf where you can also learn more about the torsion angle of coil and many other fascinating things and information which will totally allow you to start making the golf swing you desire and start achieving the distance you have been looking for. Hitting the ball over 300 yards is not as hard as you think.  It is just that you must understand how to move your body correctly in order to have any real chance to hit it that far.

We are strong believers here at GLA that if you put in the time and work on the correct things then the results you are looking for will start to show up, especially if you want to drive it 300 yards.  If it wasn’t difficult than everyone in the world would be doing it.  But when armed with the correct information on how the body is truly designed to move in three dimensional space is when things will finally start to click.

You can not keep doing the same things you have been doing expecting different results if you really want to improve.  You must seek the truth with your heart and do the necessary work to change what you have been doing.

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