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Get Through Impact Correctly and Discover Unlimited Power and Control

Get through Impact Correctly Video Below

In order to get through impact correctly there are a couple of things you need to do.  First and foremost this move has to be done with your body.  Second, you must be striking the golf ball from the side of your body.  The side of your body is the most athletic place to perform from.  Thirdly, you must pivot off your back foot in order to shift the hips properly to the left. Watch the video below to understand these three key factors which will allow you to get through impact correctly.

As you can see from the video above there is a little more going on when you get through impact correctly. When all of these things are done by allowing your body to work properly it is practically impossible to not gain power and accuracy  in your golf swing.  When you learn how to use the lever system of the body is when you are going to start getting the results you desire in your golf swing.

Proper Motion For Impact Movement

So many golfers, for some reason accept the fact that they are just not going to get any better.  It really does not have to be this way any longer.  As I mentioned before, if you use the lever system of the body correctly and get through impact the right way it will absolutely scare you how good of a golfer you can become.  Remember, Ben Hogan said, ” if you just apply yourself correctly it should be almost impossible to shoot over 80 when you are playing golf”.

He was not kidding when he made this statement.  What is needed though in order to accomplish it is a solid plan of action that will allow you to execute your golf swing and will and allow you to once and for all have a repeatable motion you can make when swinging the golf club.

If you are really looking for a way to improve than you should really be paying attention to all the videos in this series.  The information contained in all of these videos has been researched and researched some more so that no detail was left uncovered.  If you have any questions or need to contact us about any of this information you can do so here. Contact Us

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