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Getting to the top of your backswing correctly is an extremely important thing to understand.

Often this move, getting to the top of the backswing, is severely over done and over complicated by most golfers in the world. What needs to be understood is that all of the talk about how the shoulders need to turn more is nonsense. What needs to be focused on more than what most golf instructors are going to tell you is that you must move you levers correctly to get to the top of the backswing correctly.

In order to get to the top of the backswing correctly you must first learn to gain control of your lever system.

This may sound a little difficult at first, but once you understand the true potential of this magical technique is when you will see some drastic improvement in your golf swing. Getting to the top of your back swing correctly is one of the most important motions in the golf swing, period. If this is not done correctly you are reducing your chances of striking the golf ball with your optimum potential. In previous post we discussed the lever system and how it works in great detail. If you have not read this first we highly recommend that you do to stay up to speed with what we are talking about. Also you will find how to move the wrist correctly in the golf swing extremely helpful as well.

As discussed in the previous articles listed above you can see where it is extremely important to use the lever system of the human body to move the club around the body to the proper positions. And getting to the top of the backswing is “NO” different. Once the club is the the proper position half way up in the back swing all that is left to to is to to maximize the folding motion of the back elbow. This does not require any additional movement in the shoulders (extra turning) as it is not in alignment with the natural movement of the human body.

Understanding this move will improve your backswing and will allow you to get to the top of your backswing correctly.

Most people or golfers have no idea how to feel this type of control correctly. It must come from the inside out and not the outside in. Think about that sentence for a moment.

From the INSIDE OUT and NOT the OUTSIDE IN is what will make the difference. You must gain control of your lever system to gain efficient control of your backswing and golf swing. And it is truly the only way you are going to see real results.

Once you understand and realize that it is the folding of the back elbow that gets the club to the top of the backswing correctly is when you will see maximum results, period. We teach this is such a clear and visually precise way that you will start seeing results immediately. You can find out more about our golf lessons and how to improve your golf swing today. Once you understand our method you will have total control of your backswing and you will understand just how easy it really is to get to the top of your backswing correctly time and time again, with the littlest effort possible, but what you will experience is the biggest possible gain.

Stay tuned, in our next article we are going to be sharing how to get to start the down swing correctly as we will introduce this this incredible move into the equation for the first time. As always, it is very exciting for us to be able to share our information with you and we do appreciate you reading our material. Until next time. Just play the game!

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