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Golf Lessons of Old Are Out and A New Era in Golf Instruction is About to Begin

Have you ever thought about taking golf lessons, private golf lessons, individual golf lessons, group golf lessons, or any type of structured teaching that may help you to improve your performance on the golf course.

If you have even thought about any of this type of stuff in one way or another than you absolutely need to pay attention to what I am going to tell you next. Most golf instructors are going to teach you on a method that has been handed down to them from one generation to the next or that they have learned from some school they went to or attended. None of this is wrong, by the way, if you are looking at the way this type of thing has been accepted in the eyes of the golfing population when it comes to how golfers go about seeking out golf instructors. However, what if I was to tell you all of this kind of stuff was rubbish if you are really looking for a way to get real results in your game.

Pretty strong statement don’t you think? Well it is not when you understand that there is a more logical and sound approach to go about learning to swing the golf club correctly and having a better over all experience when playing the game. For years technology has had us all duped into thinking that it is all this new equipment that is going to make us better golfers. Science has even come out with some great ways for us to try and learn things through the use of radar, pretty incredible the lengths people will go to find out the answers to questions they are seeking.

Well, I am no different in that I too have been seeking the truths about the golf swing to help myself and my students. For over the past 20 plus something years I have fiddled with this and tinkered with that in hopes of finding something that was going to help me become the best golfer I could possibly be. But of course, this type of behavior did not really help me with a consistent solution that would improve my golf swing or help me become a better golf instructor to my pupils. Sure at times there were moments of greatness but nothing to really write home about. I would have weeks and stretches were I could not shoot over par if my life depended on it. Then I would have weeks where I felt like I should just sell my clubs or just get rid of them entirely; maybe take up basket weaving or something.

Things We Teach in Our Golf Instruction

Thank goodness I did not, because if I would have given up in those tough times I would have not have found what I will term as the “Holy Grail” for understanding the golf swing. This astonishing breakthrough was not something I was seeking, it just kind of found me, sought me out if you will. Back in 2008 I was doing what other golf instructors back then were doing, giving local golf lessons and putting up golf instructional tips on YouTube, you can check out my channel by clicking here, in hopes of increasing my audience. The nice part of all of it was that I had several local students and participants from all around the world signing up and buying golf lessons from me online. Our You Tube video views have surpassed over 600,000 and year to date I actually think I have sold my online golf lessons in over 56 different countries. Not bad for someone that was still evolving in the educational area of discovery. All I knew is that I was doing something right to get that big of an audience, but I did not let any of this go to my head. I just hunkered down and kept working on all of the things I was learning so that I would be able to tell and help people with the truth about how the golf swing worked and how they should go about their golf lessons.

Remember above where I mentioned the year 2008? This was the turning point for me in my golf instructional career and was the real game changing event when it came to how I would go about teaching my golf lessons from now on. It was during that year when I was introduced to an individual that had some pretty cool concepts about the golf swing and the fact that he had devoted most of his adult life to trying to understand it did not hurt either. Once I was able to comprehend the magnitude of what he was thinking is when I sat at my computer and designed a model that could actually prove once and for all that there really was such a thing as the perfect golf swing.

It took almost a year and a half of research, design and field testing to make sure what we were looking at would hold up over the course of time. When our model was complete we put almost every professional golfer, woman and man, into it to see if we could capture any data that would be relevant to our claims. Not only did we use professional golfers but also a majority of our local students when we were giving them golf lessons. Back then there were only a few professionals that looked like they were doing things correctly inside of the model, Tiger Woods was the closest and the footage we were using was when he was with Butch Harmon.

It really felt like someone up stairs was looking down on us with a great big smile as we knew we had something really special in the making. However, what transpired over the next couple of years went down a totally different path than any of us would have thought. When we were looking at the greatest golfers to ever play the game inside of our models they all had some remarkable characteristics in common. For the most part they all were very close in positions at certain positions in time. Whether it was at address, the top of the back swing or maybe even through the ball on the down swing they were all showing a great understanding of how they thought the golf swing should be preformed. But here in lied the ultimate truth. Even though these were the greatest golfers in the world it would be almost unimaginable to think with their professional resumes and major championships they have amassed, that really not even one of them were living up to their true potential. It was because of this discovery that our team split up as half of us could not agree what we were seeing. Were we wrong? Did we not understand the model? We just could not agree so we went our separate ways and have not really spoken to each other since. Back then we were a little younger and basically like infants just learning to walk but it was this one singular event in my life that made me even push harder.

Over the next year I studied the model with the half of the team that still remained and it accrued to us that we were looking at it and assessing the information backwards. We were judging the player more than we were judging the model. We were giving the best golfers in the world more credit than they deserved. Simple mistake if you were to ask me. So we geared it up a notch and started to understand the model for all it was worth and what came out of that study was the first real blueprint of how the golf swing should be performed.

The model itself is based off of geometry, and when looked at correctly it shows the true understanding of how the golf swing should work or function in three dimensional space. It is because of this blueprint that we have been able to see rapid improvement in all of the golfers we have helped over the past couple of years. They are kind of like a real underground society of golfers, if you will and not you’re atypical golfers. These are golfers that are chasing the professional ranks and some of them you will be seeing on television in the next year or so or by the end of 2013. What they have been able to understand through our golf instruction is how the body must move in three dimensional cubic space. When you learn how the anatomical movements of the body need to happen and you understand how to work the lever system of the body is when you truly tap into one of the greatest discoveries of all of our life times. We are just the fortunate ones that were handed it several years ago.

What if you could see things and positions that could not be seen by the naked eye? What if you could understand your golf swing in such a way that it would act on auto pilot? What if you could go out and shoot under par at will? There is a system in place that can help you accomplish these things and it is with the use of our cubical models.

If you really want to get the most out of your golf instruction than you really owe it to yourself to check out the golf lessons we have to offer at Golf Lesson Academy. We are years ahead of the curve in understanding how the golf swing works and why certain things need to happen in order to maximize your true potential when it comes to how you swing the golf club. I promise you there is really a better way and the information you will find in our golf lessons will make more logical sense than anything you have ever heard in your life.

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