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For years many golf lessons have been employed to try to figure out the “Holy Grail” for Power – Accuracy in golf and over the past several decades none of them have proven themselves to be valid ways to increase performance for the masses. We need to have a scientific breakthrough or a rebirth of how information is disseminated to the masses that will finally allow the average person/golfer to start getting the results they know they are capable of on the golf course. If we were to take the statistical information provided by the National Golf Foundation anyone would quickly come to realize someone or some company needs to figure out a better way to help people/golfers achieve a more efficient and repeatable golf swing and provide better golf lessons.  Basically it comes down to this.  The national golf handicap index has not changed over this period of time and there has been no positive statistical information provided that it is starting to improve or that it is going to improve any time in the future if golfers continue down the same path of learning.

Most people believe and have been trained to believe that the golf swing is complicated and only a very small percentage of people in the world are actually talented enough (PGA and LPGA Tour Players along with various Tour Players from around the world) to actually shoot very low scores on the golf course on a consistent basis.  “What people need to understand is that they need to hit the delete button in their mind when it comes to the way the golf swing or golf lessons have been taught if they really want to improve”, says Christopher HudsonLead Instructor at

Golf Lessons Kick into High Gear

This statistical information provided by the NGF is what made the team at Golf Lesson Academy kick into high gear to find a solution to this ever growing problem and find a better way to teach their golf lessons.  So what they did, was they turned to studying and understanding how the anatomical movements of the human body needed to take place in the three dimensional space in which people swung the golf club.  After years and years of research and using their own cubic models they have truly uncovered the best solution for golf swing improvement and how to present their golf lessons in a clear and consistent manner . “At first, when Chris showed me what he was thinking it was a bit overwhelming to say the least, but once I understood and saw what he was doing I was quickly on board as this is the true scientific breakthrough the golf community has needed for years”, says Pete Johnson Director of Golf Operations at

Their research has proven to be eye opening and will lead the way into how the golf swing and golf lessons are executed and taught in the future and beyond. By using analysis tools they have quickly come up with their own Glossary of Terms that will prove what needs to be understood by golfers of all levels. You can read more on how they use this model by understand their golf lessons by going here Golf Swing Basics.

Torsion Angle of Rotary Flow

Terms like, Torsion Angle of Rotary Flow: The “Holy Grail” For Power-Accuracy in Golf. When golfers start to understand the shoulders, torso and hips need to rotate cubically at 45 degrees, and the golfer’s arms and hands must ascend in concert at 45 degrees cubic, then and only then will the swing exhibit a Torsion Angle of Rotary Flow at 75 degrees cubic.  Special Note* these angles are not what is perceived in the conventional way the golf swing is taught and only present themselves correctly when understanding the golf swing in the natural three dimensional environment in which the golf swing takes place.  Once this is understood your golf lessons will be accelerated.  

The Torsion Angle of Coil fully achieved at the top of the Backswing, sets the Initial Angle of Decent for the Downswing Release of the body and the club through impact and into a complete natural finish that appears at 12’Oclock in the cubic model. “Casually” –and in complementary manner — it shows that when the Shoulders shift at 45 degrees cubically and the hips shift at an angle of 30 degrees cubic that the dynamically derived “resultant angle” of 75 degrees cubic is achieved. The Launch Pad is set and the discovery of another golf lesson gem is set in motion.

Having said this, the Torsion Angle of Coil defined at 75 degrees represents the “Holy Grail” of Power-Accuracy in Golf and fully explains the “shift in cubic orientation” the body exhibits as the Downswing proceeds to Impact and through to a complete finish of the golf swing.

All golfers at every level of play seek this “Holy Grail” of the swing and “it” –coupled with all other matters of the golf swing Anatomy and Geometry –are readily available to the human eye via the application of the Cubic Model. The cubic model is the only reliable viewing system to accelerate Swing Improvement and the only highly detailed accurate “map” of how the golf swing should perform in all its natural dimensions.

These guys, the team at are years ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding the golf swing and how to give golf lessons they quite frankly know something the rest of us mere mortals do not. If you are serious about getting some real golf swing and golf game improvement you owe it to yourself to check out the rest of this website.

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