Golf Lessons Start the down swing

start of the down swing must be done with the hips shifting back

Golf Lessons Start the down swing

When you understand the start of the down swing is when you will unlock the secrets in your golf lessons. This move is what causes so many problems for players of all levels but when you master it, it will put you light years ahead of everyone else.

The start of the down swing must happen with the lead hip joint moving back!!! This movement is known as a shift and not a turn. It is important to understand this if you want to start the down swing correctly. What needs to be understood is the hip structure itself, is incapable of true rotation.

You might be asking yourself right about now, “Why do most golf instructors call it a hip turn”? Maybe they take it for granted, or maybe they just do not know how to term it correctly. What ever the reason do not be lead by incorrect information any longer. If you want to improve your golf swing than your golf lessons and how you start the down swing must be understood.

Start the down swing with a shift

In order to start the down swing the lead hip must move back. Most people are of the mindset that the lead hip must move laterally and then around. This is incorrect and something we must avoid at all cost. The issue is that when done correctly it feels like there is a lateral movement. But we need to remember, just because some thing feels a certain way does not make it true.

Picture a female figure skater. The closer things move to her body the faster she will rotate when performing a world class spin move. It works the same way when starting the down swing. The hip structure will move back around the spine and thus produces the illusion of rotation. But it is a shift. The faster we do this the better the start of the down swing will get. So remember…we want to feel as though the hip is closer to the spine than we ever felt as we start the down swing. This will give the sensation your hips are spinning out of control, but do not worry about it.

Our feelings lie to us all the time. If we want to start the down swing correctly we must learn to let go of our internal feelings of physically turning the hips and start reprogramming these feelings with actual facts that will resonate positive thoughts that will replace our misguided feelings.

Start the down swing with the lead hip pushing back to find success

When this is done correctly your mind will understand that the closer you keep things to the body is when maximum results will start to take place. I can not emphasize enough how important it is for the hips to be leading the way in the start of the down swing. If you get anything from this article try your hardest to understand this.

Everything we do in life and in the golf swing is done around our center. In order to get the best results to start the down swing you have to get the hips moving on the correct path. This is not lateral and then around but instead it is shift back. And when you do it correctly it will catapult your back side through the shot, with your body. Thus producing maximum results.

Stay tuned, in our next article we are going to be elaborating on this subject matter in great detail, we are positive these articles on the start of the downswing are going to help golfers all over the world as they and you will have a greater understanding of what the hips and your body are truly capable of. If you would like to read more about some of our other golf lessons click the link you just passed. As always, it is very exciting for us to be able to share our information with you and we do appreciate you reading our material. Until next time. Just play the game!

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