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from the 1994 album THE LIVING RETURN – created at

Somewhere Over Taipei Piano Organ Jazz Spot Swing
Jon Hammond visits popular Taipei nightclub Jazz Spot Swing Organ Lounge, Hammond Organ Piano Duo swinging Somewhere Over Taipei – very special thanks Mr. Nobuki Kurahawa and Mrs. Kurahawa hosting nightly Sk2 organ onstage – Superlux Taiwan Taipei Team Nico, Shannon, Letitia, P.Mauriat Pro Shop, Mr. Eric Chen TONG HO Musical, Mr. Shigeyuki Ohtaka Suzuki Musical Instruments Filmed in High Definition Jazz Spot Swing Taipei Taiwan

Slowly he moves
To and fro to and fro
Then faster and faster
He swishes up and down

His blue shirt
Billows in the breeze
Like a tattered kite

The world whirls by
East becomes West
North turned to south
The cadinal points
Meet in the head

Mother! Where do i come from
When will i wear lo
ng troussers
Why was my father jail?


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