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Here’s a Megaman Let’s Play that was shot in Sh*tty-O-Vision (aka portable recording a TV Screen.) This time around, it’s Megaman 8 for the Playstation and joining me with the co-commentary is Silverfennx and WatcherCCG (AKA The Watcher or GM). With that said, enjoy!

“For those of you who played Megaman 10 will know that Splash Woman was the very first Robot Master that was female (or at least one with a female personality.) Megaman 8 however, introduced us to what I personally believed is the first homosexual Robot Master.

Seriously, this Robot Master is a complete joke when compared to the DC Comics Aquaman (and THAT’S saying something.) Well, we finally took down the final Robot Master and that means the barrier surrounding Wily Tower is finally disabled. Too bad those stages are gonna be a breeze with Duo by our side… he is gonna be in there with us right?”

Butch – Aerobic (Siwell Remix)

Brendan gets involved in a ‘Fathers only’ treasure hunt for the sake of his 7 year old niece Sophie.

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With Tiger Woods parting ways with Sean Foley, it’s time for Tiger to get a coach with a proven track record of improving his swing: himself. After four years together, Tiger Woods fired…

Butch Harmon rules out Tiger Woods reunion.

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Callaway Golf Electric Ball Return Putting Mat Review

Callaway Golf Electric Ball Return Putting Mat

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