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Golf Lessons – The Mental Side Of Golf

There have been all kinds of videos and books written about the proper way to prepare for the mental side of golf, heck I just saw a new mental video series on the golf channel last night, so I would like to take the time to chime in my two cents about this topic. If you were playing on the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, Nation Wide Tour or any other Mini Tour this might be something you should concern yourself with. But if you are not playing golf for a living than this should really not be that big of deal to you.

First off the mental side of golf for golf professionals is learning how to deal with more than just golf. They have to deal with travel, media, endorsements, performance and a whole list of other things and because of this many of them have a mental coach to help them prepare for these types of challenges.

For the recreational player it is quite different. This group of individuals might just be looking for a better way to not embarrass themselves when playing with their fore-some on the weekend. Or they just might be looking for a better way to stop missing a five foot putt. Or some might even think that by prescribing to these types of videos, books or instruction that it is going to allow them to play better.

When You Learn How To Swing Correctly, The Mental Side Of Golf Is Really Quite Simple

Most golfer’s need to understand that by really having solid fundamentals present in their golf swing’s is what is going to allow their minds to relax and start playing better golf. It is when something is wrong with these fundamentals, and they go ignored, is when the mind starts looking for excuses other than what the real problem is. If people are looking for some kind of edge to improve their mental side of golf then they must start to realize the secret is in doing the proper drills.

When you know how to practice correctly and do the proper drills that will prepare you for real life situations on the golf course is when all the insanity and doubt of whatever is going on will go away. See, what golfer’s have to understand is that when they find themselves in situations they have not practiced before who knows what their own minds are going to tell them. But I will state this again, the proper practice along with the proper fundamentals will make this go away.

Knowledge Is Power When It Comes To The Mental Side Of Golf

The better you get at making the motions of your golf swing, putting and chipping motions the better you will get on the golf course. Golf is a difficult game to start with, always remember that. But in order to improve at it start worrying about the things that really matter, and not what is going on in your head. Most golfer’s have been expected to believe that if they can not break 90, 80 or 70 at any given progression their must be something wrong with the way they are thinking about something. This concept is so far from the truth. The truth is golfer’s need to practice and understand things a little better and be armed with proper information and techniques to elevate any things that could go wrong with the mental side of golf.

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