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The Most Important Breakthrough About the Plane You Will Ever See

Orbit of the Elbows Video Below

What on earth is the orbit of the elbows all about.  When you understand that your elbows work in an orbit around your body then you can start to learn how not to violate this natural orbit when making your golf swing.  Watch the video below to get a better understanding of how to take your golf swing to the next level.

So many golfers violate this natural orbit of the elbows by picking up the hands to take the club to the top of the back swing.  By doing so they get disconnected from the natural positions of the body.  By doing it the way it has been taught for decades by-passes the lever of the elbow.  The lever of the elbow acts as a fulcrum as it site between the lever of the wrist and the lever of the shoulder.

When you learn to use the lever system of the body to execute your golf swing than you will not violate the natural orbit  the elbows consistently move on.  There is a perfect spot for them and understanding this is what truly keeps the club on the proper plane during the golf swing itself.

picture showing elbow in backswing

The orbit of the elbows should start to make more logical sense than most of the explanations you have heard of to date and it is this single reason alone that your interest or curiosity should be peaked.  At Golf Lesson Academy we provide real solutions for real game improvement.  Our information has been researched for years and our understanding of the bio mechanical movements that must take place in geometrical space is second to none.  If you are really looking for a way to improve your golf swing than make sure to keep watching the next video in the series and start taking your game to the next level and start playing the golf you are really capable of.

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