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Perfect Golf Swing

Perfect Golf Swing? Does it really exist, that is the real question. So many students and average golfers are always in pursuit of the perfect golf swing and so few ever really find it. Why is this? There are several qualified golf instructors out there and there are several golf instruction web sites as well. Here are just a few of them as far as the golfing world mainstream is concerned. We will start with the some of the golf instructions and their cost per hour.

Butch Harmon $1000.00 per hour, David Leadbetter $3500.00 for 3 hours, Jim Mclean $2500.00 for half day, Mike Bender $250.00 per hour, Hank Haney $10,000.00 per day, Jim Hardy $750.00 per hour, Martin Hall $170 per hour, Stan Utley $1500.00 for 3 hours, Todd Anderson $335 per hour, Bob Toski $150.00 per hour, Dave Stockton $600 per hour, Dave Pelz $30,000 per day, Randy Smith $150.00 per hour, Gary Wiren $150.00 per hour, Jim Suttie $230.00 per hour, Pia Nilsson $350.00 per hour, Craig Shankland $200.00 per hour.

These are some of the top golf instructors in the world according to the mainstream but are they helping you to find the answer to the perfect golf swing? Maybe, maybe not. As you can see the prices are pretty hefty and just a couple would be considered average for most golfers. I guess you could follow the old saying, “you get what you pay for”, but that is not necessarily the truth. A lot of them have earned their way to where they are and you have to respect that, with out a doubt. But these golf instructors are considered the top in the world but if you were to ask any of them they would all have different ideas about what would make up the perfect golf swing. Because of this it leads us to ask why is it that most golfers struggle with their golf swings and all around performance on the golf course.

Here are a couple of golf websites for you to evaluate: Golf Digest, Golf Tips Magazine, Golf Channel, PGA, Golf Tec, and Play Golf America.

The simple truth is that all of these websites and golf instructors are very similar in their approach in that they are all teaching the same modern golf swing in some form or another. Because of this they are not really seeing the entire golf swing the way it should be seen. As reference to see this argument this check out the following video Get Through Impact Correctly and you be the judge.

What you need to understand is that here at Golf Lesson Academy we use a mathematical blue print to provide solutions to really help you discover the perfect golf swing. Because it is math based using geometry there is little room for uncertainty. Perfection is attainable and the truth is if you start looking in the right places it will find you. Everyone one is close but at the same time everyone is so far away. And if you think we are kidding just ask yourself this one question and we believe it will help you understand what we are talking about.

The best players in the world do not win every week, sometimes they do not even make the cut. Why is the real question, but these guys are the best players in the world, right? They should be wining every time they step on to the golf course. You can make excuses for any of them if you like, but the truth is if they are the best they should win period. Heck, if most people in the real world missed the cut at their jobs or had several bad days that did not produce results they would be fired. However here is where the problem lies. No one has found the perfect golf swing or any real solution to teach the perfect golf swing. Perfection lies in numbers because they will never lie…they will always be consistent until the end of time and when you add the geometric equation into those numbers, as it relates to the golf swing, is when you really will see the true blue print to how the perfect golf swing should be preformed. It is attainable and it can be yours by clicking here.

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