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Golf Lessons – Posture

Everyone who has ever played the game of golf has heard somewhere that your posture is extremely important. Well, if you are a golfer and really want to improve, pay close attention. Your posture in your golf swing is the foundation in which any and all athletic movements you make are derived from. If it is just a little off, the body will compensate somewhere to counter balance the inadequacies of having a faulty set up. So remember, what you have heard is true and also an absolute necessity to be able to perform your golf swing efficiently and at your highest level possible.

When your posture is correct in your golf swing you have a really great chance to perform the motions necessary to make an effective motion. Yes, there is a little more to making a good golf swing than just your posture but it all starts with how you get set up. More than 90% of all swing faults stem or originate from not being set up correctly. However, obtaining this unique balanced position to start with is really very simple when you understand the principles of Geometric Optimization.

Geometric Optimization

Geometric Optimization leaves no doubt to the positions your upper and lower body need to be in when you get set up in your posture and this is what makes it so great! For most golfers it comes down to the simple fact that if they could only see and understand where these positions were and why they are so important, than they would be well on their way to achieving the correct starting position all the time. When you are set up correctly the bodies foundational system starts to seek the correct path and movements necessary in a more natural flowing harmonic manner. By getting set up correctly it causes a positive reaction to take place in the beginning of the entire swing sequence and it is this starting position that is so critical for a golfer to achieve to be able to perform at a very high level.

You might be asking yourself about now, “What is Geometric Optimization, I have never even heard of it before”? Geometric Optimization is what happens to a golfer when they see and understand how the principles of their own geometry account for all the movements they are ever going to make in their golf swings. When these principles and methodologies are used in training correctly is when real results start to happen at an unprecedented rate of acceleration. It is like they have tapped into the secret law of the universe or even discovered the “holy grail” of the golf swing. The manifestation of repeatable motions just simply start to take place as they are more in line with the natural organic values that surround us in life.

Let me explain in some detail how it works. Every single golfer, no matter what their body type must position their bodies in certain angles to get the maximum results and benefits they are seeking. These angles are clean and unmistakable to the human eye once you know what you are looking at and how to see them in the first place. The angle of the upper spine must be tilted forward at an angle of 60 degrees. There are no exceptions to this angular law, not for anyone! The lower body must also be positioned on an angle of 60 degrees as well. This angle must show itself from the hip socket, to the knee cap of the back facing leg. When both of these areas (upper and lower) are in geometric alignment is when a golfer will start to get a hint eternally of the real hidden power of Geometric Optimization. When these angles are present in the set up position they create a connection of the real 90 degree relationship of the upper and lower body in geometric space.

Get Geometrical Optimized

To get Geometrically Optimized a golfer must be able to see their set up and golf swing inside a cubic model. The cubic model provides the blueprint for understanding and when the golfer just traces the lines and positions his/her body correctly inside of the cubic model is when they will start to experience this incredible phenomenon of real personal improvement. Until now there has never been an absolute way to see the golf swing and pinpoint the movements that must take place. This is no fault of anyone’s by the way, it is just the pure simple fact that no one has ever had the use of the cubic models until now.

If you were to look at and study all of the professional golfers in the world you would discover there are a lot of similarities in most of their set up and golf swing positions. Make no mistake about it; this is not by chance. This comes from hours and hours of practice and from the instructors they are working with on a daily basis. However, in the not so distant future you are going to start seeing more and more golfers looking like they are all performing the same moves but in an entirely different manner. This migration will come from Geometric Optimization. When golfers start to get optimized for superior performance people are going to take notice and if these changes are not made across the board then the golf tours around the world are going to be dominated by the players that are Geometrically Optimized, it’s that simple. Make no mistake about it, the cubic models provide the answers to the mysteries all golfers have been seeking for centuries. It’s just a matter of time until the true power of Geometric Optimization is realized by all golfers across the globe.

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