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Golf Lessons | Power-Accuracy In Golf

Position for ultimate power and accuracy in golf swing

Golf Lessons Provide the Holy Grail For Power – Accuracy In Golf For years many golf lessons have been employed to try to figure out the “Holy Grail” for Power – Accuracy in golf and over the past several decades none of them have proven themselves to be valid ways to increase performance for the masses. We need to have …

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Get to the Top Of Your Backswing Correctly

Back Swing Top

Getting to the top of your backswing correctly is an extremely important thing to understand. Often this move, getting to the top of the backswing, is severely over done and over complicated by most golfers in the world. What needs to be understood is that all of the talk about how the shoulders need to turn more is nonsense. What …

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Wrist Set In The Golf Swing

learn the proper wrist set in the golf swing

What is the wrist set in the golf swing anyways? The wrist set in the golf swing is somewhat misunderstood in the way it is taught in the modern golf swing. However, when you really understand the range of motion that the wrists are capable of, is when you will start to understand that there might be a better way …

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The Takeaway In The Golf Swing

golf lesson back swing fundamentals

Golf Lessons – The Take Away The takeaway in the golf swing is extremely important. It is also very confusing to many amateur players. The reason for this is that through the years of golf instruction everyone has been taught to not take the club to far to the inside during the back swing. So here lies the problem, the …

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