The Takeaway In The Golf Swing

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Golf Lessons – The Take Away

The takeaway in the golf swing is extremely important. It is also very confusing to many amateur players. The reason for this is that through the years of golf instruction everyone has been taught to not take the club to far to the inside during the back swing. So here lies the problem, the culprit for poor execution. If the club does not move slightly to the inside the club has no chance to move around the body correctly in the fist place. Think about it?

What golfers of all levels, whether professional, amateur or recreational need to understand is that they must get out of their own way to achieve this position correctly. You might be asking yourself, “What is that supposed to mean”? Let me explain. All golfers, either through trial and error or the instruction of others have different means of interpretation. And it is because of this human factor that they must not mislead themselves any longer. There is one absolute correct way to achieve this position and it is in perfect balance with your own geometric makeup.

Stop Manipulating The Club

We have all heard at one point in our golfing careers that there is not one way to swing the golf club correctly. So what this actually means is that all golfers no matter what their skill level have become masters of manipulation in one form or another and are constantly redefining ways to break the natural geometric laws all things in motion must adhere to. This is not anyone’s fault and at the same time this is a really hard thing to accept. So what is the answer? How can this be position be achieved correctly? The answer is simple and requires the use of some simple tools and some practice.

Until recently there as been no absolute model to show where the correct position is at a given point in time. The correct position is the same for all golfers no matter what. It may look different to the naked eye but it is truly the same for all of us. Different body types and different physical abilities are no longer an excuse to not hit this position correctly time and time again. There is a holy grail or sweet spot, if you will and I would like to share with you more about it.

Understand The Geometry

In geometric space there is a line from a golfers center of mass to one O’clock and shows itself as a 60 degree line and another line from center (center of Mass) to five O’clock and it also shows itself as another 60 degree line. When looked at in three dimensional pace the two separate lines or angels form the true ninety degree angle all golfers must adhere to perform a perfect takeaway in the golf swing. If this position (the takeaway) does not match up to these lines or angles in geometric space then all kinds of incorrect movements will then start to take place. A little to the outside of the line will produce an undesirable path (Not The Most Effective) and a little to the inside will cause even more problems.

There really is a perfect way to start to understand the geometry of the golf swing and that is though the process of geometric optimization for your golf swing. If you do a Google search and type “Geometric Optimization for golf” for your search query; see where it takes you as I am sure you won’t be disappointed with the results it brings back. Get ready to uncover the real truth about how the golf swing works and until next time always remember, “Just Play The Game”!

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