Tiger Woods Plays First Round With Precision

US Open 2012

Tiger Woods Shows Why He Should Still Be Considered Number One

Tiger Woods shows why everyone should still consider him to be the best player in the world. Although we have a very long way to go, it is nice to see this kind of performance from him. With all of the work Tiger has put in with Sean Foley for the past couple of years, along with all of the stuff he has had to deal with in his personal life it is just really nice to see parts of the Tiger of old starting to surface again.

Whether you like him personally or not, Tiger Woods is a force that powers the entire golf industry.  When he is doing well, it seems a lot of other areas in golf start to thrive.  I can tell you from personal experience the better he does the more clients I get.  I think a lot of teaching professionals will tell you the same thing.  It is a weird kind of phenomena how much this one individual impacts so many different things in the golfing world.

To read more about how his first day went please check out this article from the New York Times. 

Woods Plays First Round With Precision

“Tiger Woods, playing with Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson, showed who was in charge with a one-under par 69 in the featured pairing of the first round of the …New York Times”


Tiger Woods Should Play Well on Friday

With all that being said, we can not wait to see how Tiger Woods will play in the afternoon on Friday.  It is easy to see what his strategy is going to be, manage the course and be in a position to win when it comes Sunday.  If you have the privilege to watch him on Friday at the US Open at the Olympic Club then you are going to learn a lot of good things.

Watch how he controls his emotions and his thoughts.  Watch how he gets into his shots and clearly sees what he is trying to do before he does it.  If you watch this with closely you are going to be able to learn a lot. Most recreational golfers do not understand how important it is to watch the best players in the world when it comes to how they manage their games. If golfers would like to drop some real strokes off of their game there is plenty that can be accomplished just from watching these amazing tour players. The decisions they make throughout a round is the difference between a high score and a low one. Their focus on every shot, is it there or is it not, is sometimes something else that can lead to a great round of golf or disaster. All of these different types of issues come up for all golfers no matter what level the golfer. Make sure you find the time to sit back, and watch and learn from the best players in the world as the championship is already proving it is going to be a good one.

We at Golf Lesson Academy would like to wish Tiger and all of the other competitors in the US Open good luck on Friday. The weekend is going to set up to be a blast.    If you would like to read some more of our instructional articles golf here, The Mental Side of Golf

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