Tiger Woods is Back, the Proof is in His Tempo

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Tempo Is Spot On

Tiger Woods tempo really is getting to where it used to be.  I am a believer in John Novosel’s Tour Tempo as it was first introduced to me a couple of years ago by my good friend Rocky Kinsey of 21stcgs.com and it has proven itself to me time and time again when I am working with my students.

When you add this type of training into the way we teach the golf swing at Golf Lesson Academy you are really getting as close to perfection as one can possible get when it comes to learning the golf swing.  This is what Tiger Woods is showing us right now.  What I mean by this is that Tour Tempo measures time in geometric space and at Golf Lesson Academy we measure the motions that take place in geometric space.  With these two philosophies in place we help our students reach their true potential and Tiger Woods looks like he is getting closer to finding his .

We are not an Affiliate of Tour Tempo; Just Satisfied Users

Please understand that this is not an affiliate link or offer I am telling you about when it comes to Tour Tempo.  It is just a great product that helps aid us in what we do for a living.   And like any one or anything else in this world, if you really want to be the best at what you do than it is necessary to have the absolute best tools available to you when you go to work or do the job that you do. We have the best tools to help our students become the best golfers they can possible be. Take time to discover for yourself just how incredible this whole Tour Tempo thing actually is. You will be happy you did as you will notice immediate results.

Now, on to the article below where I truly belive if you just think about what is being stated on a logical level then you are going to start to understand just how powerful all this stuff is and recognize it as of the main reasons that Tiger Woods is playing the type of golf that he is at the Olympic Cub.  The US Open course is tough, down right hard but when your tempo is great it really gives you the advantage you need to succeed. 

How can you tell that Tiger Woods is back? The proof is in the tempo

“It would seem so, judging from Woods’s victory two weeks ago at the Memorial and his impressive play through two rounds of the U.S. Open. But when I need to …”

It is going to be a Great Weekend at the 2012 US Open


This weekend is going to be great and always remember there are plenty of things we as students of the game can always learn from the greatest players in the world.  I am sure this weekend is going to be no different.  Keep your eyes on the TV and watch how they, the Tour Players, manage their games, emotions and nerves.  As always, if you would like to read more of our articles please feel free to check out some of our golf lessons and discover the secrets in how we teach the golf swing.

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