US Open – Beau Hossler believes he can win

Beau Hossler

US Open Sometimes Treats Us to Some Spectacular Play.

US Open rising star happens to be a 17 year old kid.  The real question we need to be asking ourselves, is what can we learn from what he is doing at the US Open.

Beau Believes in Himself

US Open star Beau Hossler believes in what he is doing and he believes now that he has a real chance to win.  This is what so many recreational players have a hard time with when they are playing with their regular weekend foresomes.  

They start playing good for a couple of holes, then it is like something inside themselves tells them to wake up and come back to reality.  Right at that second they have crushed any hopes of keeping up their good play.  What this kid, Beau Hossler is teaching us is how to think like a winner.

You will get a taste of this be reading the article below 


Teen amateur Hossler believes he can win US Open

“Somewhere along The Olympic Club’s tight, twisting fairways, 17-year-old Beau Hossler went from thinking he could be the low amateur to believing he could …”

Shift Your Thoughts

When Beau first got to the US Open he just wanted to be the low amateur but now that he is in the hunt he wants to win it.  This is what great champions do.  If he wins it that’s great, and if he doesn’t thats ok too.  It is just the simple fact that he believes he can and this is what most people need to start understanding when they are playing themselves.

If you start going low in your round of golf; tell yourself this is where you should be.  If you shoot a six come back and do something better the next hole.  If you just give yourself a chance then there will be plenty of opportunities along the way.  Remember, if you want to play great golf you have to believe you can and this is what this 17 year old young man is teaching everyone without him saying a word.

This is the biggest thing we can actually learn from his great play at the US Open these past three days. When you believe in yourself anything is possible and he is living proof of that statement,

As always, we at Golf Lesson Academy would like to wish everyone at the US Open the best of luck on Sunday as it is set up to be a great Fathers Day finish. 

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