Wrist Set In The Golf Swing

learn the proper wrist set in the golf swing

What is the wrist set in the golf swing anyways?

The wrist set in the golf swing is somewhat misunderstood in the way it is taught in the modern golf swing. However, when you really understand the range of motion that the wrists are capable of, is when you will start to understand that there might be a better way for you to start using this incredible lever to its’ fullest potential.

At this time I would like you to do a simple exercise to understand the levers of the wrist. The first thing you need to do is place your right arm in front of you. Make sure it is fully extended and parallel to the ground. Now, once this position has been achieved just move your wrist up and down in a vertical manner. This will give you a feeling of what a hammer might feel like if you were hammering a nail into a piece of wood. This motion, as you make it, must be done using the wrist joint only to become aware of the point we are trying to make. As you move the wrist joint up and down in a vertical motion what you will start to feel and get a good sensation of, is just how limited this range of motion actually is.

Wrist Set the second part…

Now, for the second part of this exercise. If you place your right arm in the same stretched out position in front of you and move your wrist joint to the right and then back to the left; you are going to feel an entirely different motion. This motion is going to be much fuller in its capabilities and is going to allow you to get a better grasp on the full range of motion this joint is actually capable of. Remember, only do this exercise by moving the joint of the wrist itself and nothing else.

The wrist set promotes proper actions…

What people and golfers alike need to understand is that the joint of the wrist is a compound joint. It is capable of all kinds of wonderful movements. We as human beings just take for granted how it actually works. This is not a fault, it is just a fact. Let me demonstrate. If I asked you to tell me how to walk in a straight line covering every detail and angle that must be achieved it would be very difficult for you or most people to do. This is the same reasoning behind how much we really do take things for granted once we actually learn how to use them properly at a very young age. The human body is comprised of a lever system and this lever system works flawlessly in geometric space. When you learn how to incorporate this lever system into your golf swing is when real growth and understanding will actually take place. So, lets get to it.

If you have already read my article on the “Takeaway-in-the-Golf-Swing“, you will be up to speed on how this proper use of the wrist joint will take us to the next position in the golf swing. I like to call this move the “RE-ROUTE” of the club. When you set the wrist joint back, without swinging the arms (wrist joint only), the club shaft will move to the side of the body with very little effort. This will appear that the club head has moved way to far inside for what the modern golf swing philosophies teach today. However, this is the absolute best move you could ever make to increase your accuracy and power in your golf swing. It is also the most geometrically sound movement for the human body to make when it comes to performing the golf swing.

The wrist set leads the path…

By activating this lever at the right point in time allows for the wrist to get set on a perfect 45 degree angle in 3 dimensional space. What you will also start to feel and realize is that the hands will seem closer to your body. This contradicts the modern swing teachings in that you will feel a loss of width in your back swing. Don’t worry about this as this is the proper movement you need to be making. Let’s think of this by picturing a world class figure skater if you will. As the figure skater goes into that spinning motion they make they seem to be spinning faster and faster each rotation they make. However, if you pay attention to what their arms and hands are doing while they are doing this; you will start to understand how they are able to achieve this incredible move. As their arms and hands move closer to their balance line of their bodies things get closer to their center. Thus, producing a more aerodynamic movement that causes them to gain speed with each rotation. When you understand why the hands need to remain close to your body at this position in the golf swing along with a couple of other correct movements you will start believing you know something that most people do not. This action of the wrist joint will give you a sense of empowerment that will allow your learning the golf swing correctly to be accelerated in a positive way. What actually will be happening is that you will be practicing geometric optimization for your golf swing without even knowing you are doing so.

Stay tuned, in our next article we are going to be sharing how to get to the top of the back swing correctly as we will introduce the lever of the elbow. It is very exciting for us to be able to share our information with you and we do appreciate you reading our material. Until next time. Just play the game!

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